Special Qoute

2015-01-14 12:48:22 by adonnias

A teacher gave us a qoute in class today, "MAKE SOMETHING NO ONE HATES, NO ONE LOVES IT"- TIBOR KALMAN I think this is a great qoute when considering how safe to be while creating music. I feel inspired to make things I love all the sudden.


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2015-01-21 07:11:51

This quote and your teacher speaks and tells like he knows a thing or two MORE.
In all honesty; i wouldn't want to make music for the people but music i like. no matter how many hates.

adonnias responds:

awesome honesty!


2015-01-30 00:57:48

New favorite quote, and a belated thank you for the review =3

adonnias responds:

Glad you were able to relate to the quote! And ur welcome.