Producing Music

2014-12-22 11:21:14 by adonnias

Making music is not just about making music. Its about images, collaborting, meeting new people, art, design, marketing, websites. I guess thats one of the pulls that music has on me. I love everything around it. I just did two photoshoots for the album I'm trying to produce. I will post a pic that I'm considering will be on the fron of the album. Probably will edit it more with cool colours and the like. That won't be until next year though, I want to make sure I've perfected everything that I can with my music first. I like how the photo turned out too. The photographer did a really good job editing it too, taking out all my flaws and basically airbrushing my face. So much fun.5236565_141926517782_Adonnias2.jpg


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