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My Big break

2015-02-12 12:16:29 by adonnias

I thought my big break would be that I am a scouted artist that doesn't have to try, but actually my big break was understanding that the value of my work doesn't come from downloads or views, but within myself. I have to work hard if I want to see my dreams come true. To compile a music album takes a lot of work and a lot of connections (I previously thought it would be easy). If I want to do this I can't half-ass it. I have to sacrifice if I want to be a musician, not "if I'm good enough".

Afraid of Failure

2015-02-01 20:28:47 by adonnias

Been feeling so blue latley. I think it has to do with my fear of failure. Lack of confidence. Even embarrasment. But thats not a good reason to quit and give up. Life is all about learning, how fun!

Special Qoute

2015-01-14 12:48:22 by adonnias

A teacher gave us a qoute in class today, "MAKE SOMETHING NO ONE HATES, NO ONE LOVES IT"- TIBOR KALMAN I think this is a great qoute when considering how safe to be while creating music. I feel inspired to make things I love all the sudden.

Working hard

2015-01-12 13:04:29 by adonnias

Currently my friend is helping me produce music. Its pretty rad. I used to be very solo oriented, but I'm starting to collaborate and its way better. He is remixing my song "Blankets", which apparently is pretty succesful. I've been thinking about performing live. I think that in order to be a well known artist or even have a little marketability you ought to sing on stage or something. I would like to perform one of my songs "Scars". Practicing it on the piano and singing at the same time is super hard to do!!

Deleted Account

2015-01-08 11:03:39 by adonnias

So I go onto my account after the holidays of not checking it and apparently my site has mysteriously dissapeared. I wonder why... I can't login or find my artist name among the list. Someone must have really hated my stuff to go and delete my account. :( sad face. But this makes me more inclined to keep working on a bigger project. I'm going to try making one song a day and come out with a compilation album of my best stuff, just so I feel like I've accomplished something.

Excited for a new year

2015-01-03 11:36:19 by adonnias

I think I've had enough time to think about my goals and I really want to pursure a hobby in music. I enjoy it regardless of the outcome and working on my skills is a plus plus. Sometimes I get discouraged because my skills are not where I would like them to be, but I keep on working in order to get the experience. Looking forward to a new year 2015

Happy Holydays

2014-12-23 11:29:59 by adonnias

Im just gonna get it over with. Merry Christmas. There its done. Just got a bunch of bad news financially. I'm such a clutz when dealing with my money, its so hard to keep track of. Maybe that will be one of my new years resolutions. haha who am I kidding. Anyways, my friends and family are going to have to suffer with subpar gifts and regifts. I feel like I'm tired of making music right now. I'm going to give myself the break to relax and re-define my goals around music. Just made some notes about some songs I was listening to Aoki's new album. I think the production value is really good, and theres clearly a formula that is followed throughout the theme of the album, but something seems to be missing. Not sure, maybe my speakers aren't playing it loud enough. But I feel like theres a uniqueness missing.


Producing Music

2014-12-22 11:21:14 by adonnias

Making music is not just about making music. Its about images, collaborting, meeting new people, art, design, marketing, websites. I guess thats one of the pulls that music has on me. I love everything around it. I just did two photoshoots for the album I'm trying to produce. I will post a pic that I'm considering will be on the fron of the album. Probably will edit it more with cool colours and the like. That won't be until next year though, I want to make sure I've perfected everything that I can with my music first. I like how the photo turned out too. The photographer did a really good job editing it too, taking out all my flaws and basically airbrushing my face. So much fun.5236565_141926517782_Adonnias2.jpg

Fear and Photoshoot

2014-12-20 08:22:14 by adonnias

I'm a little nervous for my photshoot. I mean who do I think i am right? but then I thought about it a bit more and at least I'm doing something about my passion. Atleast I'm able to act out a vision and a dream, even if its a mistake. Like miss frizzle says, make mistakes, get messy. I'm going to be a little messy today, but at least its going to be something a little different than I'm used to. I'm going to be just natural me. Then I have another photoshoot tomorrow for free form a guy on craigslist. He wants to take nudes. I have never done that before. I wonder if that will be a mistake too messy to make.

A new day

2014-12-19 09:23:27 by adonnias

Have to make cookies for the christmas party tommorrow. Probably something really easy, like not having to go to the grocery store. Then I want to work on a few songs and get a good night's sleep. thats why I'm waking up so early today. Its so much easier waking up beside your laptop. You can just open it to surf and slowly you awaken. As my cat begs me to get up and feed him.